The idea of providing a familiar constant go to tech resource was born when Scott met his now business partners Nadeem and Rohit. Scott was having unwanted computer issues from the years of neglect on his main computer in the summer of 2016 and like so many took to Google to try to find someone who could help. He stumbled upon Nadeem and Rohit and within minutes of connecting they had begun the process of addressing his technical issues that were interrupting his workflow. As he sat there and watched Nadeem methodically and meticulously go through and remedy issue by issue, the lights began coming on!

After flawlessly fixing all of Scott’s technical issues, which included connectivity, security, performance, and virus removal, he was faced with a choice either pay for a one-time fix or pay a little more for a year contract. Scott being a busy serial entrepreneur quickly opt’ed to go for the year contract, essentially outsourcing his tech support, and then asked Nadeem and Rohit if they would be interested in expanding services. As they say, the rest is history as this trio continues to expand its loyal client following on a mission to ensure technology remains as an enabler and not a hindrance, disruptor, or an obstructor to our human potential.


We provide troubleshooting and technical assistance for our clientele. Clients’ personal / business, technical and financial environments, as well as their goals, vary immensely. We take pride in truly getting to know our clients and their goals so we can best serve them.

We take a very hands-on approach much like a concierge service and do whatever it takes to ensure our clients’ are satisfied and well-taken care of. This ranges from providing/selling software/hardware, purchasing advice, liaison between technology vendors, installation and configuration of software/hardware, data recovery, backup strategies and implementation to upgrading hardware for their home and/or office.


We are a customer concierge service company that happens to have an emphasis on technical support. We are in the people business that views all of our clients as clients for life. We believe a tech guru deserves a seat on peoples’ dream team of professionals and service providers. Most people have and don’t think twice about having their go-to medical doctor, accountant, mechanic, or maybe an attorney but don’t have their tech guru? We’re here to change that!

Scott Kleist

Founder & Client Advocate

Scott began his entrepreneurial journey in his early twenties with a 1974 Mex-Amercian food trailer. It was this experience that clarified he was to be an entrepreneur the rest of his life. Scott enjoys a good tv show binge watching session with the best of them and loves to cook and entertain friends and family.

Nadeem Khan

Lead Tech Guru

Nadeem has a deep curiosity that has fueled both his formal and on-the-job education. Nadeem’s supreme tech skills combined with his genuine care for clients and dogged commitment to customer service make him a dream to work with.

Rohit Mahindra

Office Manager & Tech Guru

Rohit is amazing at getting in details whilst not losing sight of the big picture. He keeps our office running like a well-oiled machine and jumps in and helps with tech as needed.


  • Accepting both business and personal clients

  • Flexible payment terms (annual, bi-annual, quarterly, monthly)

  • Plan pricing is tied to the both the quantity and type of devices