Dedicated Tech Team

Let’s face it, our technology landscape is personal and unique – so why not have a personal relationship with your dedicated tech guru team?

Computer Optimization

Computers are machines, and machines need maintenance just like us right? We believe so which is why we’ve concocted our own unique recipe of processes, scans, and software (both free/paid versions) that focuses on optimizing and extending hardware’s useful life.

Refurbished Computers

Downcycling is kinder to our environment than purchasing brand new. In this light, if new can be avoided, why not go for refurbished and save a ton of money? Either way, we love matching refurbished computers to their new forever homes.

*Inventory changes daily
**Warranties are available upon request

Assigned Technician Team

We Are Your Constant!
  • We take pride in truly getting to know our clients’ and their goals so we can best serve them. We take a hands on approach much like a hotel concierge service and do whatever it takes to ensure our clients’ are satisfied and well taken care.
  • Every client gets assigned to a primary and secondary technician to ensure we are that familiar contact and voice we believe is mission critical when providing such an intimate service such as tech support.
  • We have found that helping our client’s interface with the various technology providers as their liaison to be extremely valuable for both our clients and ourselves. When issues arise, solutions are more quickly uncovered when we both the technology provider and customer via our tech liaison are tech savvy.

Data Backup Strategy, Installation and Setup

  • We take a comprehensive look at where your data is being created, coming from, and stored, to ensure you never find yourself in the unfortunate position of losing any of your valuable data
  • Insulates you from catastrophic hardware failure
  • Reduces downtime when hardware does fail, as we could literally ‘transplant’ your technology profiles onto a new machines/devices and get you back to what really matters – life

Machine Optimization and Tuneup

  • There’s nothing more frustrating than a sluggish machine – think snappy and responsive…always!
  • As Benjamin Franklin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, this couldn’t be more true in the realm of our technology. We hold our clients’ hands and take a proactive approach in maintaining our customers’ machines to help avoid costly downtimes created by untimely tech issues.
  • Greatly extend the useful life of our clients’ technology. Put another way, we save our clients money.


  • Accepting both business and personal clients

  • Flexible payment terms (annual, bi-annual, quarterly, monthly)

  • Plan pricing is tied to the both the quantity and type of devices